Good News Stories

November 2023 – Fabio’s Journey

Fabio was determined to escape his past when he was referred to DIVERT.  He was keen to establish a trade and completed several training courses including A Railway engineering and Track Safety Course. Developing a passion to work in the railway and engineering sector, with thanks to an introduction through the British Drilling association he is now working full time with Ngage Resourcing. See his full story here.

October 2023

A wonderful story from a young lad met in custody: “I had no idea what DIVERT was. I was offered support in a moment of helplessness during an arrest. I had no exceptions. Billy, walked into the police cell I was held in and a weight was simply lifted off my shoulders instantaneously, I burst out into tears. Someone cared without any shame or expectations. I wanted out of the system. I wanted help. Since that moment, Billy’s constantly made efforts to help me get my life back on track. More so, where I want my life to be. I’ve managed to enrol onto a voluntary advice program which is now helping me to not only understand myself, but restore the same favour back into society.”

August 2023

Full house for our World of Work 3 day training session this month delivered in partnership with My Options. Candidates did the serious stuff getting prepared for jobs and interviews with a bit of fun with some interesting, interactive exercises. As ever amazing feedback and a few more candidates feeling more confident about entering employment.

August 2023

Congratulations to Billy’s client KP who has accepeted a job with Connection Crew in record time following his release from custody.   KP completed the 3 day Academy Training Programme, passed all competency tests first time & accepted a job offer that came immediately after. He really has got exciting times ahead working as their “Crew” having learnt how to set up stages, lighting & sound for festivals & large events.

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