Special projects

We constantly explore opportunities to partner other organisations in our sector and engage with exciting initiatives that will enhance our work.

Our involvement with Mind the Gap gives us a chance to be part of a clear pathway to employment within our core sector of construction whilst the Out for Good programme opens up opportunities beyond construction and into a diverse variety of sectors.

Our partnership with the Royal Astronomical Society links in with their desire to establish a network of enhanced and extended outreach projects spreading the enthusiasm for astronomy and geophysics bringing a new dimension to our training.

Born out of a Design Partnership, the creative side of Bounce Back shines through with our work with Tektura Wallpaper and our project Improving the Prison Environment.

Divert is our most recent partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service which expands our work into early intervention and diverting young people away from a life of crime.


Breaking boundaries with the RAS in prison education.

Mind the Gap

Supporting people with convictions into employment in construction.

Out for Good

Supporting people in custody into a range of employment opportunities.

Improving the Prison Environment

Enhancing visitor centres and other areas within the prisons.


An early intervention programme diverting 18-24 year olds away from crime


Working creatively with wall coverings

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