The DIVERT app is a referral mechanism used by the Metropolitan Police Service to refer people in the community who would benefit from the 1-2-1 support of a DIVERT Engagement Specialist onto the programme.

The app is accessed by Police officers when they are out in the community via an electronic device. It is an efficient way to capture information on young people they believe will benefit from a referral to the programme and all it has to offer. This would include people who are most at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of crime, grooming or exploitation, thereby offering early intervention.

Consent is required from participants and those that accept the invitation for a referral to a coach via the app will also be encouraged to share additional information about their hobbies and interests. This understanding enables the coaches to further enhance their support with wider interventions that include sports, music, the arts and beyond by working with partners including ENGAGE Camden and Arsenal in the Community.

Once a referral is made the police have no further involvement and details they have taken are not stored with them.

Whilst it is only possible to sign up to DIVERT in the community via a Police officer with the App, once they have completed, and submitted the form in the presence of the participant, the Police have no further involvement and all of the personal information gathered is encrypted and stored on DIVERT’s fully secure server – not on any police system. The information cannot be used for any police purposes and they are not able to access any subsequent information relating to the referral or its outcome.

All participants referred to the DIVERT programme via the app benefit from the same specialist support, guidance and opportunities as participants who are referred in custody.

The APP is currently being used by police officers covering Camden & Islington and is a much welcomed way for them to give something to the community in helping young people obtain support.

If you have been referred to DIVERT via the app we are looking forward to hearing from you – click here to find out more.

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