Corporate Support

We work with many partners in many ways and the support of larger corporates is vital

Provision of expertise

A number of organisations support our strategic growth or provide expertise to assist us in niche areas. Others develop construction contracts with us opening up routes to employment for our participants, some offer training, materials and support to individuals.

Corporate Away Days

We regularly welcome a number of organisations for Corporate Away Days. Between 6 and 20 employers join us for an action packed day working on specific projects that benefit the community or the charity whilst gaining in insight into the work we do.  Companies include William Morris Entertainment, IMG, Aberdeen Asset Management, Big Yellow, Landsec and Clarity. Many return annually.

Landsec Group

A team of 20 Painted the children’s playground at the Brixton Windmill.

Big Yellow Storage

Working in our Community Training Centre in Brixton.


Painting of the new community space at Pop Brixton.

We represent a unique proposition for partners. We work hard to ensure our brand impacts well with those we work with as we are a perfect vehicle for supporting organisations to deliver against a range of their CSR obligations.

Our ways of working with organisations are diverse but tailored to be fun whilst fitting with CSR policies.
There’s convincing evidence to show that there are business benefits for including ex-offenders in targeted recruitment programmes, not only to address prevailing skill shortages, but also regarding issues of corporate responsibility and working towards the creation and maintenance of inclusive and economically successful communities in which people and businesses can prosper

CIPD, employing ex-offenders to capture talent

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