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Volunteering and how to get involved

Come and Volunteer with us

Volunteering has long been a core ambition of the No Going Back programme and during the first year, whilst Covid was rife and prisons were all locked down, we were unable to visit prisons or encourage people to engage with prisoners during their sentence.  In addition, there was only limited flexibility to work face to face in the community.  However we are delighted that this has now changed.

We are currently developing a new volunteering programme and have already had some Livery Company members involved.  The most important thing is to create an inspiring volunteering programme that is designed to suit everyone and that highlights the huge value all the members of the Livery can bring to NGB with their wealth of experience. This is not only to help prevent people returning to prison, but also to provide the volunteers themselves with a unique experience. As the programme develops new opportunities will become available and we will update the website regularly.

How you can become involved

We recognise that not everyone will have unlimited time so we have tried to tailor our volunteering to fit with that. We have made this easy by creating the sign-up form below to say what time and skills you can commit. We have made a list of just a few of the skills we are looking for e.g. Employment support, Specific career skills knowledge, teaching skills, strategic capabilities to advise the team, organisational skills, coaching and buddying and digital expertise.

Introducing just some of the ideas

Concept 1: What is the Livery?

One of the important aims of this project is to enable a broader group to understand what the Livery is and does. NGB offers a chance to communicate the history, culture and influence of the Livery companies in modern life to diverse audiences from prisoners to Corporate supporters.  The programme has already been in prisons and includes Prison Radio slots with quizzes and fun ways to communicate to the prisoners via radio and printed materials. We are also always looking for more literature about the Livery to take into the prison, and in the early days a wealth of prizes were generously provided by the Livery companies including the Playing Card makers and others.

Concept 2: We Can’t Do it Without you – Employer Engagement

In the new world, employment support is more important than ever. From hosting employer round tables to teaching prisoners and prison leavers about the World of Work are just two aspects of the support that NGB needs. Engagement is on Zoom and face to face in and out of the prison.

Employment Advice and support for prison leavers

Phase 1 this will be done on and offline and will include filming CV’s, interview skills, and will include a programme of engaging ‘games’ and activities that will be around growth, literacy, career development, employability skills, CV writing, money management and self-employment. We’ll also need career information and employer materials to go into individual packs.

Next Steps

Get involved! Volunteer recruitment and engagement has started and we look forward to welcoming you.

We are delighted you would like to volunteer for the NGB programme, please either complete the form below or email with your information.  We will get back to you shortly.

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    We understand that not everyone can give a lot of time to volunteering but please let us know what time you may have

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    Employment support capabilities and  ‘world of work’ advise


    Specific career skills knowledge to share with candidates


    Understanding of the Prison environment and/or public sector


    Teaching skills for educational support including developing e-learning courses for release and prison games and competitions


    Strategic capabilities to provide advice on the NGB programme development


    Event and organisational skills to support managing employer round tables


    ‘Coaching’ and ‘Buddying’


    Digital expertise


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