No Going Back

Welcome to No Going Back, a unique Livery Company initiative supporting offender rehabilitation

“People sometimes overcomplicate what it takes to help someone out of a life of crime and imprisonment. People make mistakes, but when they’ve paid the price they deserve a second chance and a friend to stand alongside them. No Going Back is a practical, evidenced intervention, and a sound investment in a safer, more prosperous society. It deserves every support.” Peter Dawson, Director, Prison Reform Trust

No Going Back is an innovative programme of training, support, employment and housing funded and driven by the Livery Companies with job opportunities via their members. It is designed to get people into employment on release and includes accommodation for those leaving prison who might not otherwise be able to take up their jobs. Most importantly it has successfully navigated Covid restrictions to find ways to continue to provide support for people throughout the period.  

Following a successful first year with 13 Livery Companies, year 2 sees the involvement of 30 Companies and the doubling of targets to get 90 people into work.  Additionally, the project is now actively engaging prisons from all around the country who are releasing into London so we can reach and help more people.

The approach is to offer people leaving prison a bespoke package of support with training, upskilling, employability and work readiness all part of the offer to help ensure the passage into employment is as seamless as possible for both the individuals and the employers.  Furthermore the programme has evolved as it has progressed and it now includes KANGAROO, a holistic assessment tool in partnership with City & Guilds which offers additional support modules to prepare candidates for taking the leap on to the programme. Ultimately No Going Back aims to reduce re-offending and save some of the £18bn its costs the taxpayer.

Jobs are primarily in ‘the Built Environment’ – an intentionally broad remit to encompass a wide variety of opportunities from HGV driving, construction, hospitality and facilities management to site supervision, administration, cleaning, engineering and other roles giving as many people as possible an opportunity to participate. Most importantly the project is aimed specifically to meet the huge demand of employers.

Bounce Back are the proud delivery partner and in addition to the consistent involvement and guidance from the Livery companies, achieving success would not have been possible without the support of a wealth of other outstanding partners in the sector including the prisons themselves and the organisations making referrals to the programme. Working together every step of the way we support people leaving prison to gain skills and employment recognised as an integral part of a journey towards a new life.

Importantly, each iteration of the project is being independently evaluated so it can be a true reflection of the impact of Covid and the success of the programme.

The 3 words – ‘No Going Back’ can make a massive change to people’s lives.

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