Why E-nuff. ?

Launched earlier this year, the E-nuff project is now fully functioning as another Bounce Back Project that is truly Working Inside and Out.

The programme is for people serving sentences of 12 months or less, with a focus on BAME prisoners, and is specifically designed to prepare them, as well as possible, during their time in prison for a successful return to the community upon release.

As the lead partner on the programme, on the “Inside” we have In-custody co-ordinators working with candidates one to one throughout their journey in prison to provide culturally informed support and resettlement planning. On the “Outside” we have In-community co-ordinators, in 12 London Boroughs, taking over post-release to continue the work and signpost to local support organisations, training and employment.

But why E-nuff. ?
The programme was named by prisoners themselves in a focus group where they expressed a desire to draw a line under crime and make it Time for Change.  “E-nuff” they said and we think it works!

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