Time to get the ball rolling – Please Sponsor Us!

Now the Flower show is over our fabulous “Orb”, that has been a centre piece for the garden, will be relocated to HMP Brixton where it will sit prominently near the entrance.  Created by the stonemasons at Changing Paths Charitable Trust in HMP Rochester it is engraved with the inspirational words “An obstacle is often a Stepping Stone”.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.20.36

We are asking for sponsors for its 18,000 metre (13.6 mile) journey from Hampton Court Palace to Brixton. You can either sponsor £1 a metre or take a leg of the journey. Visit http://bouncebackproject.com/donate/ to help us to raise money to continue with our work helping people.

Our orb is just  one example of the stunning sculptures created as part of the Stonemasonry Training and Employment programme at HMP Rochester.  They make many pieces including sundials and house signs. If you would like to commission a item please contact us for further details.


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