Out for good

Out for Good is an innovative end to end solution to sentence planning combining employer engagement and case management with the objective that people leave prison with a job to go straight into.  Funded by Sheriffs and Recorders we deliver a bespoke approach to getting people into a number of career paths.

The programme targets prisoners who are six months prior to release to prepare and support them into the employment opportunities offered by a diverse range of prospective employers.  Employers come into the prison numerous times to meet and interview candidates giving them the opportunity to build a relationship with the prisoners prior to release and vice versa easing participants’ apprehension of attending interviews and work post release.

The programme is run under the full support and guidance of our case managers to ensure expectations are managed on both sides and the process is as seemless as possible.

We welcome employers from a diverse range of industries, if you would like TO GET INVOLVED we ask that participating employers have:

  • Genuine vacancies which will be open to participating offenders on release from prison
  • A guaranteed interview for any participating offender prior to release
  • Commitment to do at least one session in the prison to explain the roles on offer in more details and offer some employability training
  • A willingness to engage with the Out for Good team on release
  • An allocated person to liaise with the Out for Good team and champion the programme within their company

Our team will offer support to both parties for up to a year post release to ensure the transition and the ongoing relationship continues as smoothly as possible.

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