Last week we were delighted to once again meet with the Prince of Wales as he attended an event hosted by arc for the Social entrepreneurs who have been supported by BITC’s arc programme.

His visit coincided with arc’s 2nd anniversary event celebrating social enterprises, and was one of a series of events celebrating the achievements of the Prince’s Charities creating and supporting enterprise growth.  The event brought together guests from arc Founding Partners as well as senior business leaders to inspire and educate guests about the impact that the arc programme is having on social enterprise business growth, the opportunities and challenges they are facing and insights from their experiences of working with big business.

We were one of five social enterprises in attendance and pictured here with the Prince of Wales is Fran Findlater of Bounce Back, Peter Carrasco from Visa (who are mentoring Bounce Back), and Michael Sammy, a Bounce Back participant. 218-BITC-ARC-HRH-10Sept2013

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