Improving the Prison Environment

Over the last 2 years we have been exploring new ways to use our painting and decorating expertise to enhance spaces in 2 prisons: HMPs Highdown and Brixton.

In each space, co-created with the prisoners, we have worked with an Artist to develop themes and informative illustrations that prisoners would value.

The funded pilot in HMP Highdown included the redecoration of the “Homework” room.  The walls were brought to life to create a welcoming environment which would reduce the trauma of coming into a prison environment for visiting children and increase the quality of time spent with their father. The goal was to create an environment which was visually stimulating and interactive.  Featuring an exquisitely drawn “Evolution Wall” and an amazing “Interactive map of the world” the result was quite overwhelming.

In HMP Brixton we used the RAS project for our inspiration in the Visitors Centre and the Fellows helped us create an interactive “Universe” in the Children’s area. In addition we created a magic forest to reduce the impact on children of the experience of visiting prison and going through the security scanners.  Throughout this, the participants have the chance to take real ownership of the project, creatively leading the plans for the re-design themselves.

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