Fitting in the final piece on Project ADDER

Bounce Back are pleased to be part of Project ADDER (Addiction, Diversion, Disruption, Enforcement, Recovery)  –  a programme funded by Public Health England, to provide an innovative approach to improve substance misuse services and reduce substance misuse and offending. The Project is being delivered to support residents in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets who have substance misuse issues and brings together local agencies, police and health services.  We are working with our parent company Change Grow Live on this project to provide ETE support to adults and ETE/emotional resilience support to young people in the borough as well as in partnership with a number of other organisations including Be Onsite and A Fairer Chance.

Our role in the support package is the delivery of vocational training and employment and as such we see ourselves as the final piece in the puzzle for people on the ADDER programme wanting to make a positive change in their lives.

We have our own bespoke Bounce Back ADDER team who are fully embedded in the borough to identify local upskilling, training, work experience and employment opportunities. These include a Youth Resilience Coach – providing pastoral and mentoral support to motivate and uplift 18-24 year old residents to explore local pathways into education, specialised training or employment and a Case Manager to provide pastoral support to local residents that are over 24 years old and require a staged approach to find vocational training and employment.

Working with residents who are currently receiving substance misuse support and are in treatment or recovery, our services link into the individual’s recovery plan, ensuring a fully holistic and joined up approach to help people make positive changes in their lives and sustain their recovery.

Based in the community we can give local and specialist advice in finding the right vocational training and employment. Offering 1-2-1 support we can find and make introductions to local employers and training providers including ourselves to suit each individual.

The programme supports treatment gains made in prison, the community and helps to reduce re-offending by diverting offenders into employment training and education.

We welcome referrals and users to the project.

The be eligible people must be:

    • prison leavers with a substance misuse issue, or at risk of developing a misuse problem, released into the Tower Hamlets Borough
    • Tower Hamlets residents who have been in contact with the criminal justice system and have a substance misuse issue or are at risk of developing a substance misuse problem

Contact us if you are a resident in Tower Hamlets.

If you are currently receiving substance misuse support and want positive changes in your life via vocational training and employment we can offer you:

  • local bespoke and specialist support to find the opportunities that suit you
  • introductions to local employers
  • introductions to training providers

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