No Going Back

Welcome to No Going Back, an initiative supporting offender re-habilitation


At uncertain times when everything is changing daily it is exciting to be able to start to facilitate a new programme that is being driven by the Livery Companies to make a difference to people both in and out of prison.

Whilst the programme launch date is postponed, we don’t want everyone to lose sight of what it will aim to achieve.

No Going Back is uniquely designed to specifically prepare individuals in prison for job opportunities that will be offered by members of the Livery Companies.  The jobs will be in organisations that are in some way connected to Livery members, either directly or through introduction.

The whole programme takes a bespoke approach to working with individuals who will, with the help of the Bounce Back No Going Back engagement team, have an opportunity to engage early with employers who have been introduced through the Livery Companies.   Then, once released, the team will continue to be dedicated in their support to ensure the passage into employment is as seamless as possible for both the individuals and the employers.

Jobs in this programme are primarily in ‘the Built Environment’, but that is intentionally a very broad remit and encompasses a wide variety of opportunities from HGV driving, construction and facilities management to site supervision, administration, engineering and other roles, giving as many people as possible an opportunity to participate. Most importantly the project is aimed specifically to meet the skills needs of employers.

When people leave prison, one of the main barriers to work is accommodation and Bounce Back is responding to this in the No Going Back programme through partnerships with housing organisations, it is a unique aspect of this programme specifically responding to those released and offered a job but with nowhere to live.

Above all, No Going Back embraces partnerships between Livery Company employers and organisations in the justice sector bringing them together to support individuals into employment.

The 3 words – ‘No Going Back’ can make a massive change to people’s lives and we all look forward to an exciting pilot year ahead.

For further information contact  In the meantime we look forward to sharing many more developments over the next few weeks including our website, promotional material and planned upcoming events.

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